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Attention matters on the web version

Selection of mesh and mesh frames

1. The choice of web cloth

The net edition has the following basic requirements for the selected screen.

(1) tensile strength.

The screen must be able to resist damage when it is subjected to a certain tensile force.

In addition, the strength change of the screen after moisture absorption should be small.

(2) small fracture elongation.

The elongation of fracture elongation is the ratio of the elongation to the original length when the screen is under certain tension.

The plane stability of the screen is poor when the breaking elongation is larger.

In addition, the screen also requires a certain amount of tension (around 3%) to be flexible enough.

(3) resilience.

Resilience refers to the ability of the screen to stretch after a certain length to release the external force. The better the resilience, the clearer the edge of the printing.

In addition, it also requires that the temperature and humidity of the screen have good stability, good ink penetration and good resistance to chemical resistance.

In comparison, nylon and polyester webs basically meet the above requirements.

In order to ensure the accuracy of screen printing, single filament yarns should be used, preferably with high mesh size, thin silk diameter and smaller mesh.

The color of the screen is yellow or brownish yellow, in case of halo.

2. Web box selection

The frame is generally used in LY12, LF2 and other hard alloy aluminum (square tube type), because the metal frame has high precision and stable size.

The mesh frame is made of argon arc welding or riveting.

Tension network requirements

In general web plate version, the tension network mode has three kinds of manual, mechanical and pneumatic.

When printing quality requirements are higher, it is better to use pneumatic tension network, which is characterized by uniform tension and easy to use, especially suitable for high precision printing.

There are several requirements during the span of the taut network.

(1) when using the pneumatic tension network machine, when the tension reaches the requirement, it must be static for 3 ~ 6 hours before applying the taut net.

(2) a stretched network should be placed at least 24 hours to ensure the stress balance and prevent deformation.

The higher the mesh screen, the longer the requirement, generally 2 ~ 3 days.

(3) keep the thread vertical and prevent the wire from flabby.

Requirements for light-sensitive materials

1. The requirement of the plate plate for photosensitive materials

Screen requires sensitive material plate performance is good, is advantageous for the coating, the appropriate photographic spectral range, sensitive wavelength should be in commonly 340 ~ 440 microns, because the plate and plate storage needs strict darkroom operation condition, if the light wavelength are too short, the selection of light source, the protection will become more difficult.

The sensitivity of photosensitive material is high, which can reach the purpose of energy saving and fast printing.

The better the development of photosensitive materials, the better the stability of the screen, and easy to store and reduce waste.

2. The requirement of the screen for photosensitive materials

The film of photosensitive materials should adapt to the performance requirements of different kinds of ink, and has certain resistance to printing and can withstand the pressure of scraper.

It is required that the combination of photosensitive material and mesh fabric is strong, and the film is not produced when printing.

Easy to peel off, not easy to produce "ghost", good for the reuse of the screen.

The choice of sunburn light source

Correct selection and use of plate burning light source, to improve the quality of screen plate making, effectively save energy, simplify the operation, maintenance, operation personnel health, reduce costs, etc has very important significance.

The energy of light varies from wavelength to wavelength, and the shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency, the greater the light energy.

When the light is absorbed by the material during the radiation process, the photon has a certain amount of energy, which can cause physical changes and chemical changes.

Photochemical matching, refers to the chosen of the light source spectrum distribution of output should match the color spectrum of photographic materials, namely the light-sensitive materials absorb light wavelength range of photochemical reaction is the output of the light source spectral range, maximum absorption peak of sensitive material is the peak in the output of the light source.

The light source can be absorbed by the photosensitive material to the maximum extent and the photochemical reaction occurs.

Therefore, according to the selected photosensitive materials, choose the suitable lighting source.

At present, the sensitive wavelengths of various light-sensitive materials used in the industry are mostly distributed between 250 and 510 mu m.

In theory, the light source of the peak wavelength of the energy distribution curve of the luminous spectrum is between 250 and 510 mu m, which can be used in the web version.

In addition, should fully study the size of the screen, the output power of the light source, the distance between the screen and the light source, to improve the quality of the plate.

Choose a light source to pay attention to matters

1. Request the light source of the light source to be high efficiency and high intensity

In other conditions on the condition of invariable, the greater the power and luminous efficiency of plate burning light source, its luminous intensity or brightness is, the greater the intensity of illumination of the light meter will also increase, light-sensitive materials to reap the same exposure time required is shorter.

2. The heat radiation of the sun light source is small

The thermal radiation should be as small as possible under the premise that the light source has sufficient intensity or brightness.

Use strong high-power light source, the tube must be forced cooling measures, such as air, water, etc.), at the same time in the exposure of the temperature control measures should be adopted to make photographic materials under 32 ℃.

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