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The age of industrialization of digital printing

There will still exist and will continue to develop, but its functions and properties will be adjusted.

Store will be its biggest advantage, the Internet is prevailing, this is the most direct contact between end users and printing service providers.

The production capacity of the printing shop will gradually decrease, but the service will become more and more capable.

Future outstanding core competitiveness by quick printing shop may not be reflected in production capacity, quality, but reflect on the ability of full-service clients, embodied in the business of viscosity with customers and display products and business, etc.cardboard children cards 1.jpg

In conclusion, the image printing will further transform from the production processing industry to the service industry.cardboard children cards 1.jpg

However, digital printing technology will develop rapidly in the field of industrial application, and more and more applications will be applied to digital printing technology.

In the field of publishing, digital printing can not only help press to achieve short version printing, also can better docking chain upstream and downstream, to achieve a book printing, printed after sales first on-demand publishing production process;

In the field of packaging and label printing, digital printing technology perfectly satisfies the increasing demands of users on product traceability and anti-counterfeiting, variable data printing, personalization and customization...

Our company also can provide digital printing for our customers to confirm our company's product material quality and binding etc.

If you want to print your own book, you can contact with us.

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