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Shengweike Acquisition Of Wansong Liquid To Strengthen Its Water-based Ink Business

Wansong liquid produces high quality flexographic ink and gravure ink.

The acquisition will include all of the technology experience, products and production equipment at silversom headquarters.

The company will continue to provide products and services to silversom's customers.

The original brand AquaBase+ will remain.

The two companies will work together to ensure the smooth integration process to ensure that there will not be any impact on existing customers of both companies.

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Siegwerk said, to integrate the acquisition of products and its existing sequence of water-based ink products, can let the customer get a wider range of products and more profound technical experience, and benefit from this.

The acquisition will also strengthen the products and services of shengweike in packaging and printing.

The acquisition of bandong liquid is the strategic investment and sale component of shenweike to strengthen its comprehensive supplier status in the packaging market, and its strategy will be completed after the acquisition.

Previously, shenweike has acquired hi-tech Products, a specialist supplier of water-based ink and light oil in the UK.

Acquired Actega Colorchemie;

In France, the center has opened a mixing center to produce water-based ink.

Siegwerk said the targeted investment, make the company can strengthen their own business of water-based ink, with the enterprise concentration "tomorrow market" development goals and the core of the packaging and printing business is consistent.

Hill, in the Netherlands, the Royal Dutch Wan Song Ink factory (Royal Dutch Ink Factories Van Son) will continue to make Wan Song brand offset printing Ink, and through subsidiaries in the United States in Chicago, Illinois Wan Song Dutch Ink company (Van Son Holland Ink Corporation) and its distribution network throughout the rest of the world, facing the commercial printing and packaging market.

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