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The Traditional Media Revival Of Britain's -digital Generation Is Returning To Paper

Some 83 per cent of britons aged between 18 and 24 chose to buy a physical version of a book, record and other goods last year rather than their digital version, according to the survey.

Nearly two-thirds bought paper books last year, 56% bought DVDS and a quarter bought vinyl.

The daily mail reported, citing the results of the survey, ebook sales this year is expected to last year's 339 million pounds (about 2.957 billion yuan) fell, and paper book sales is expected to grow 6%, to 1.7 billion pounds (14.827 billion yuan).

Ebay, "a spokesman said, according to the survey, the basic demands of traditional media is of emotion," we like the feel of traditional media to us, about 70% of consumers are purely such things like traditional media, such as hardcover or vinyl, 65% think buying traditional media products  spends time on yourself, 62%  wants to use traditional media to reduce dependence on the Internet ".

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