CAIMEI On-demand Personalized Printing for Book Printing

Paper can be stretched, "sculpture", copy the 3D technology into conservation and collection, without the use of an organic solvent ink green books, on-demand personalized printing ... ... A variety of printing technology and the latest, cutting edge products, concentrated unveiled yesterday the opens in Shanghai China (Shanghai) international printing week, refresh a lot of audience impressions of printing technology. Data show that Shanghai printing industry output exceeded 90 billion yuan last year, compared to 58.57 billion yuan in 2010, "Twelve-Five" output increased sharply during the period, including private Indian enterprises output value of Shanghai printing output is about 60%.
In recent years, the industry cost pressure on sustainable development and to changes in market demand, such as proposition. International printing week held yesterday on the main forums, print of the State press and publication administration Secretary, the printing technology Association of China Wang Yanbin said, green, digital, intelligent, Fusion is the future direction, the Internet age has brought challenges as well as emerging business opportunities. "For example, the printing and publishing industry like never before this close integration, bookstores can shop in front and factory implementation of on-demand printing, printing house also offers logistics services such as issuing. ”