Pop-up Book Printing


he biggest difference between toy books and paper or paper art or three-dimensional greeting cards and other paper art decoration or paper toy color is the essence and characteristics of the book. As far as the history of toy books is concerned, toy books should be a special classification in children's literature publications, more precisely an extension or classification of "funny" or "creative upgrades" in picture books.

Love is the nature of children, games are the focus of children's life, the most common tool for games is toys; learning is the necessary process for children to grow up, the most typical form of learning is books; toy books are the content and form of books. It also has the fun and function of toys. The toy book jumps out of the limits of the flat book, creating a three-dimensional space, providing objects that allow children to "move" their hands to "play", and design to let the eyes discover To explore the organs and structures, the visual image of the wonderful artistic beauty allows the children to appreciate the experience. It has scripts, screens and stages, and arranges its own scientific knowledge, fairy tales, literary classics, reading imagination and interaction.

Development trend

Subverting the form of traditional children's flat books is a major trend in the development of children's books:

A. It helps children understand things better than flat picture books;

B. It can stimulate children's desire for exploration and curiosity more than flat picture books. It has the characteristics of three-dimensional, multi-functional and moving;

C. It is better to cultivate children's intimacy with the book than the picture book, and it can better meet the needs of children's hands-on exploration, which is conducive to children's habit of growing up love books;

D. More close to the trend of international education than flat picture books;

E. It is more exciting than a flat picture book to stimulate children's creativity and cultivate their children's path to success.
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