Why Do Writers Have Set Foot In Children's Books?

What causes adult literary masters have entered the children's writing? Their writing and what it brings to children's literature? China writers ' Association Deputy Chairman, Gao Hongbo, Director of the Board are more likely to return this as a tradition, "convergence of the 560 literary tradition".
Writer rich heritage back to childhood
Some writers wrote children's literature in transition, for their own children.
Such as Ma Yuan of the Bay Gehua originally written, Ms Maag because youngest son has reached the age of fairy tales, as one of the pioneers of the Chinese contemporary avant-garde fiction, the Bay Gehua originally was Ma Yuan the first transboundary fairy tale, in 2014, published in the people's literature in August 2015,printed by caimei. Many strange ideas in the book, playful fun the movie display and detailed descriptions, from time to time between the splash of philosophical Sparks, texts are far different from the breadth and depth of fairy tales.